24 Aug
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Quilt for Islay

This star quilt was, in many ways, the opposite of the freehand quilt for July. Each part was very assembly-line-friendly and there was a very clear pattern from the beginning.

I was really excited about the color scheme, too. Islay is a beautiful red-head, so I wanted something green and I’m secretly a fan of red and pink together.


I started with each of the 4-quadrant squares, cutting the individual quarters, pairing them up, and finally piecing the 4-part square. The larger sections of green fabric were single squares. I was skeptical of having such large swaths of the same fabric, but was really happy with the way the larger sections of green made the pink squares and white stars pop. The fabric itself had very tiny flowers on it which worked well in larger amounts.




The stars were a little trickier. I followed a pattern for each block, but the angles and points of the triangles get confusing. Each “ray” is the height of the 4-part square, but only half the width.




I didn’t totally get the seam allowance correct and ended up with smaller rays than 4-part squares. So, I just cut down the squares. “Measure once and cut ’till it’s right!”



I decided to embroider Islay’s name in the middle of the back, so that it fit inside the center of one of the stars. I used the outline of the stars for the seam to hold the pieces together, too, so the name was nicely framed. I definitely needed an embroidery hoop for this one.


Star Quilt for Islay


  • I am always SO impressed by your color and pattern selections. Very modern quilting! I’m such a traditionalist that I am always delightfully shocked by your works of art.

  • This quilt is so amazing to us! We love it — and Islay loves it — and I second Tracey’s admiration of your color and fabric choices. The background fabric always looks like galaxies to me, the bright pinks and yellows being nearby and the green and blue stars far, far away. Thank you so many times!

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